Drinks to Enjoy During Our Happy Hour

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The term “happy hour” is most often associated with a period of time when restaurants offer discounted foods and beverages. The happy hour at our restaurant is no different, although you’ll be sure to find plenty of budget options that you can’t find anywhere else in the local area.

Drinks to Enjoy During Our Happy Hour

Although we want to keep our happy hour details under wraps for now, we would like to share a little sneak peek behind the scenes of our up-and-coming establishment. As we prepare a delectable happy hour menu for you to enjoy, here’s just a small collection of drinks you’ll be able to try at our new restaurant:

  • Local Craft Brews – We have worked hard to ensure that our craft beers are locally sourced and kept ice-cold for your ultimate enjoyment. You can expect to take your taste buds on an adventure as you sample unique craft beers that are created right here in our own community.
  • Fine Wines – Looking for something a little more upscale for your happy hour? You and your partner or friends can enjoy a variety of wine options, whether you prefer to savor Merlot or sip on rosé. No matter what occasion you’re celebrating, you can find the perfect bottle to accompany your festivities.
  • Signature Cocktails – While you’ll certainly find classic cocktails on our happy hour menu, such as the martini and Manhattan, our bartenders will also add some unique options for you to sample and enjoy. Our cocktails may change depending on the season, local flavors, and other variables that strike our fancy, so you can always expect to find something new and exciting at our bar.

As we prepare to open our doors, we hope you plan to join us for happy hour! We look forward to serving you soon.