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Our nachos are a mountain of fulfilling flavor.

Picture this: you’re settled down on a barstool, drink in hand, watching the game you’ve been anticipating for weeks. The excitement in the air is palpable, and everyone is on the edge of their seat. You reach down for your large, slightly unwieldy burger or sandwich, and as you turn your head away for just a moment from the screen, the crowd around you erupts, and you realize that in that split second, while your attention was on your food, you’ve missed a pivotal moment. It’s an all-too-familiar sensation for many sports fans – the struggle between satisfying your hunger and keeping a close eye on the game. Enter the humble nacho. Compact, easy to handle, and loaded with flavor, nachos are an ideal gameday companion.

Nachos in Livingston, Texas

At Dugout Bar & Grill, we know that while big, juicy burgers, succulent sandwiches, and other large entrees have their place, sometimes you need something a little more portable but no less satisfying. Our nachos are the perfect blend of flavor and flexibility, able to be enjoyed by a group gathered around the table as they chat and wait for other entrees to arrive or by avid sports fans trying to keep a close watch on the game.

Our nachos start with a base layer of crispy, crunchy tortilla chips, which we pile high with succulent pulled pork. Generous drizzles of creamy queso cheese, cool sour cream, and rich guacamole round out this mountain of goodness, making each bite a symphony of flavors. Enjoy them on their own, or try out our Texas Trio of fried pickles, dugout fried, and dugout nachos for a truly sensational starter.

Sports fans and foodies alike will find plenty to love when they visit us here in Livingston, Texas. Stop in for nachos today or to sample any of our other menu favorites!