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Stop by today to enjoy a fun atmosphere while also eating your fill of delicious, carefully prepared food & drinks.

There are several things that are required for a great restaurant, but at the very top of that list is quality food & drinks. What’s the point of a restaurant if they’re more invested in Instagram-able photo opportunities or similar gimmicky tactics than serving up good food? Here at Dugout Bar & Grill, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a place where you can enjoy a fun atmosphere while also eating your fill of delicious, carefully prepared food & drinks.

Food & Drinks in Livingston, Texas

When you visit us, you’ll find plenty of awesome food & drinks to indulge in. Some of our menu favorites include:

  • Dugout Fries – Our signature fires are a culinary masterpiece. Imagine golden, delicious French fries generously topped with juicy pulled pork, crispy bacon, gooey cheddar cheese, and finished with a cool, tangy ranch dressing.
  • Wings – Smothered in your choice of any of our eight lip-smacking sauces, get wings for one, or grab a basket for the whole table to enjoy.
  • The Heat Burger – This half-pound beef patty sandwiched between a light, fluffy brioche bun packs a punch with dugout sauce and ghost pepper cheese, but don’t worry, we added lettuce and tomato to give you a little sweet relief.
  • Chef’s Specialty Bread Pudding – Finish off your meal with a delectable homemade bread pudding drenched in a signature Jack Daniel’s sweet sauce.
  • Dugout Margarita – In our house cocktail, you’ll find tequila beautifully mixed with citrus flavors of orange and lime, with a touch of agave for sweetness, all poured over ice for a refreshing margarita. Go ahead and order another; you know you want to!

This is just a small sampling of the food & drinks waiting for you at our Livingston, Texas location – check out our online menu to see our complete list of offerings or stop by and see for yourself! We’re excited to become your new favorite sports bar and grill.