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Come join us for a happy hour!

What’s a bar without a happy hour? When you want to enjoy some drinks without paying full price (which is probably every time you want to have drinks), come to the best sports bar in Livingston, Texas. While you sip on your favorite alcoholic beverage, you can watch the big game, order food, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Happy Hour in Livingston, Texas

At Dugout Bar & Grill, our bar has a wide variety of drinks for you to enjoy during happy hour. If you want to have shots with your friends, go for it! Or if you want a tap beer to drink while you enjoy watching a sports match, we have those too. We also have a variety of local and craft beer for you to choose from, and we keep it as cold as possible so you can enjoy a refreshing drink. Or, if you want something adventurous and fun, we have plenty of cocktails to choose from. There is no shortage of options at our bar, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with the elevated flavors we offer.

You shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach, so while you’re here, enjoy some appetizers or order some classic pub food. We have burgers, wings, nachos, salads, wraps, and more, all with the best ingredients.

We love the lively atmosphere of happy hour, and we hope your first visit won’t be your last. Bring your friends or loved ones for a great deal on high-quality beverages and a great experience.

If you have questions for us, reach out today.