Craft Beer, Livingston, TX

Our selection of craft beers focuses on quality, flavor, and creativity to make an exceptional drinking experience.

Enjoying a cold beer at the end of the day has become one of the great American rites, and it’s even better when done in the presence of friends, family, and plenty of great food. Here at Dugout Bar & Grill, we’re bringing another level to the beer-drinking culture here in Livingston, Texas with our exceptional selection of craft beer, which you can enjoy on its own or with a delicious meal.

Craft Beer in Livingston, Texas

People have been drinking beer for thousands of years, but recently, a new player has entered the game: craft beer. Made in small batches using traditional methods, craft beer focuses on flavor, quality, and innovation. Because craft beer is produced in smaller quantities, brewers are afforded a level of creative freedom that allows them to experiment with ingredients, brewing techniques, and styles, all of which contribute to a plethora of amazing beers just waiting to be discovered.

Whether you love the rich, malty fullness of a stout or prefer the hoppy, aromatic experience of an IPA, you can find a craft beer you’ll enjoy sipping on time and time again when you visit us. We offer both bottled and draft beers, as well as a range of other adult beverages to tempt your tastebuds. Come for one, or stay for a few – no matter what, you’re sure to enjoy your time with us.

While you’re sipping, enjoy watching the game or hanging out with friends in our relaxed, family-friendly dine-in area. We offer a tantalizing menu full of beloved classics and exciting new flavors, and with over 40 TVs playing various sporting events, you’re sure to find something to cheer for. Come on by and enjoy all we have to offer – we look forward to seeing you!